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I arrived to Andes, NY for the second time late August afternoon in search for a moment of clarity and peace that I got last time I came here. For one, my phone says “No Service” here (and unlike some of my friends, this makes me happy). Plus there’s a cidery I always wanted to check out.

Local general store with a gas station
Andes tourist guide map, beautifully painted by a local artist
This coyote made a mistake — he passed in front of me” — a middle-aged man told me with a grin on his face as I was passing by
A new gallery , Les Gitanes, showcase works by local artists (open on weekends only)
As I was passing by a local library, I saw a sale sign and couldn’t miss it
Some scavenges from the sale, including the first edition of Capote’s “In Cold Blood”. All for $3
Right outside of Andes, Catskills Regional Harvest & Butcher Shop is a delicious spot for local meats, sandwiches, fruits, and produce
HASBEENS & WILLBEES, a showroom of an auction platform selling unique objects and art

On the way out from Andes, in Bovina, NY…

Bovina Museum, closed in 2015 because the building was considered structurally unsafe
Brushland, a new and impeccable restaurant and BnB with a Brooklyn vibe
The menu us year-long but a handful of special is added weekly (Like shrimp toast, yumm!)
A chicken farm in the back of Brushland
Russel’s General Store, a charming authentic store and sandwich shop

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