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On my recent trip to Upstate New York I stopped by at the beautiful studio of Jenifer Green who founded her candle brand, Greentree Home Candle, in 2000.

The facility is located in a small village of Treadwell, NY

Pure beeswax is poured into a special pitcher
Every candle type and color has their own container
The wax is poured into specially designed silicone molds
Rolls of candle wick ready to be used
More complex candle design require molds made of multiple parts
A candle just taken out of the mold is still warm it will take time to cool down
The inside of the silicone mold
The final product is carefully inspected and packaged

Candle Picks

Greentree Home Candle

See where to buy candles in a store around you
Instagram: @greentreehomecandle
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