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Bushwick, a neighborhood east of Brooklyn, might be the street art capital of the world. Walking through its shabby streets, you’ll have a chance to see hundreds of murals drawn on brick, cement, and steel fence. I took a stroll to document my favorites.

Fleeco (@therealdonj)
Fleeco (@therealdonj)
Local artists refreshing their pieces for the holidays
Eleanor King (@darlakitty)
ANJL (@anjlnyc) and @grafftours
Terry Urban (@terryurban)
Terry Urban (@terryurban)
Katie Merz (@katiemerz)
No Entry Design (@noentrydesign)
@graphicfury and Mika Revell (@littlepinkpills)
Mark Paul Deren (@madsteez)
Edward Senf (@edsenf)
Guided Street Art Tour

Get on a tour of Bushwick street art with Graff Tours led by artists themselves. On this educational tour, you gain a fuller understanding of the difference between tagging, graffiti, and street art.

Daily, 1pm—2:30 pm
Meeting Location: 282 Meserole St. Bushwick (View in map)
Tour fee $20
See the schedule and book a tour

Thanks for browsing! If you like street details as much as I do, check out my other street explorations as well as my photo journal series about city details.

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