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I’ve been looking forward to visiting a few estate sales around NYC this week. The thing you should know about estate sales is that you really don’t know what you might find— it’s like “a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get.” I looked at the different sites and apps advertising the sales near me, made a list and marked the sales that intrigued me most on a map. I made sure I had a car reserved for the full-day and ventured out to visit the homes on my list. It turned out to be one great cultural experience and I was in total awe of some of those homes and curious souls that lived there. Here are some highlights and some of the unique objects I scavenged.

A Home in Northern New Jersey

My first stop was an eclectic home in Leonia, NJ – just across the George Washington bridge built in the traditional style. There were dozens of quirks around the house and an impressive selection of early 1900s radios and TVs as well as some stunning furniture and vintage advertising ephemera.

Ceiling draped in textile

A Home in Saddle Brook, NJ

Going further North I bumped into a beautiful home, fairly unassuming from the outside. Inside, it was a time machine into the middle of the 20th century with some iconic furniture pieces as well as a hefty selection of vintage Kodak and Polaroid cameras with their original packaging.

Hollywood Regency Chrome & Brass shelving
A corner model of original RCA TV set
Paletti closets
Mid-century coffee table
A pair of Steelcase swivel chairs
A Home in Upper West Chester, NY

Moving further North, a beautiful house in a more modern Tudor style with a few grand interior details and some of the most extensive collection of large-scale Christmas decorations and vintage Christmas ephemera.

A Home in Wayne, NJ

Another unique home filled with some unique first-edition books and paintings with every inch of wall space covered with hand-painted wallpaper.

Woven window shades
A Home in Teaneck, NJ

An unassuming front in Teaneck leads you into a book feast, with every room covered with eclectic reads from mythology to classics, to art books and ephemera.

How can you not fall in love with the elegance of these metal windows
A headboard and a bookshelf in a merry union
A fabulous 3-piece mid-century coffee table with marble top

My Vintage Finds

My vintage finds: 1. Sony portable TV; 2. Daily mail money bank; 3. Tru-vue film viewer; 4. Original cigar boxes (El Producto, Dannemann, Hoyo de Monterrey, Antonio Y Cleopatra, Bayuk) ; 5. Wooden mask; 6. Framed ad and print; 7. Zippo and Fumalux lighters; 8. Plymouth car model; 9. Italian course on vinyl LP; 10. Set of mini-coasters; 11. Collection of vintage trays; 12. Hitachi portable radio; 13. Musical bottle; 14. Bottle of wine from 1978

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