A Couple of Ideas from Design Duo Anton & Irene

Anton: Why waste energy on sleep.

A: As soon as I get to my computer I operate as fast as possible.

Irene: I am a list maker.

I: There are a few things I am flexible at. Can’t remember them right away, though.

I: People who hire us don’t pretend to be designers.

A: This year we have four personal projects, and all four are going to be things we tried to do for the first time.

A: I prefer working on culture web projects to making websites for a shampoo brand.

I: Designers spend so much talent helping others sell something.

I: Artists are not designers.

I: Try to feel a little bit uncomfortable.

A: Last year, I spent a week redrawing the map of Manhattan.

I: The reason why Google Glass didn’t work is that nobody wants to walk around looking like a freaking robot.

I: I wouldn’t like to have the same wrist watch you have.

A: I want us to do personal work and get paid for it.

I: This pseudo-science coming out of marketing research doesn’t help design process.

A: Fifteen years ago no school would teach you “Xbox interface”.

I: I’m allergic to social media. We have built an amazing way for people to connect and communicate, and this is what it is used for. People who are now in their 20s are so narcissistic. That is such a waste of time. I feel it brings the worst in people. It almost scares me.

A: When we travel, I like to pay attention to cities, its roads and streets. Irene is paying more attention to food and where we can go to eat.

I: We don’t stay in five-star hotels.

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