A Day in New Haven, CT

It’s been a few years since I’ve come to New Haven, CT, a historic city some 2 hours from NYC. It’s always a pleasure to walk for hours through historic parts and this time was as good as I remember.

“Koffee?” is a local coffee shop with a large back yard and fantastic sandwiches
Navigation signs in Downtown New Haven
The Jitter Bus is New Haven’s only mobile café
Del Monico Hatter has been selling hats to locals for over 100 years
A painting by Marta Machabeli, part of “Windowed Worlds”, a local arts program that showcases local art in shop windows throughout the city
Bark & Wine, a quaint and resourceful local plant shop
A few covered bus stops in Downtown New Haven, an example of failed urban design

A site-specific art piece by Felice Varini
Louis Lunch, a small diner founded in 1895 claims to be the inventor of the hamburger
Atticus Bookstore Cafe is exactly half a bookshop and half a coffee spot with a few grocery basics
Grey Matter Books, a beautifully curated used bookshop with a large section of art and design books
At Grey Matter Books, an original poster for a 1985 film series on Jean-Luc Goddard
Picked up at Grey Matter Books, a 1970s issue of Andy Warhol’s Interview
At Yale grounds, classical architecture mixing with the modern styles
Summer break at Yale