A Day in Nyack, New York

The exploration was partly inspired by my curiosity to find a perfect car for the weekend explorations — this time I hopped on a Chevrolet Spark (more details about the car’s design & details below).

Along the journey, Chevrolet Spark delighted me quite a bit. It’s not a particularly fast or big car but I had a feeling that the tiny design details that got packed under its hood helped me once and again.

The biggest delight is in the seats. Being one of the most affordable cars out there, it gave my back less reason to be bothered than many of the bigger and more expensive models I’ve tested. If you’ve owned an Aeron chair, you know what I’m talking about. It’s also an incredibly quiet car for its class.

Spark is a simple car. My iPhone paired in 10 seconds, the gear has literally one mode, the air knob is right in front without twenty-five sub-controls. The only usage drawback was in the central lock that continued to lock the car at any random moment.

The new Spark starts at $13,000. You can check it out at Potamkin Manhattan (706 11th Ave, Manhattan) or Major Chevy (43-41 Northern Blvd, Long Island City).

Getting to Nyack on the train

Here’s how to get to Nyack on the train. Basically, you’ll need to take Metro-North train towards Croton-Harmon. It leaves every 20 minutes from the Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan. You’ll need to get out on Tarrytown station and take TZx bus to Nyack-Franklin and Artopee Way. The whole trip would take you about 2 hours and would cost $20.


Here’s a Google Map of some great places that I enjoyed in Nyack. If you click the star ★, you’ll save the map to your phone’s Maps to explore the places in the field.

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