A Day in Tarrytown, NY

There are parts of Brooklyn that are longer to get to than Tarrytown, NY – a small village 45 minutes North of Midtown. It’s an easy getaway and is a fruitful one with historic charm sprinkled around the streets.

The legendary brick Music Hall was built in the late 19th century. Dave Brubeck, Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis are among the musicians who have performed there.
A local coffee shop
Mint, a cozy cafe in a food shop offering inventive Mediterranean fare
Marquee Records, a used record shop located in the Music Hall building
Transom, a recently opened indie bookstore
Inside, Tarrytown Woodworks, a furniture restoration workshop
Lubins-N-Links Sandwich Shop, a quirky hot dog shop

A list of my favorite places to visit in Tarrytown, NY

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