A Day in Torrington, CT

I found myself in Torrington, a city West of Hartford, CT on a moody Wednesday. I only had a few hours to explore so I set to walk around and capture what I find interesting.

As a former mill town, Torrington has quite a few historic buildings
A local audio tour initiative is pretty straightforward
You can preview the tour online on walktour.info
You’ll find a few branded planters throughout the city
Torrington police located in the beautiful historic school building
A pitstop at Salerno, a local family-owned deli and grocery (@salernosdeli)
I went for a tuna panini
Warner Theatre, a 1,700 seat auditorium built in 1931 as a cinema by the Warner Brothers film studio. Check out this stunning photo from the 1930s and a video from the opening to see how little has changed.
The theatre has been recently restored to preserve most of its original design details
When replacing the carpet, the management of the theatre contacted the original carpet factory that installed the floors in 1931 and was stunned to find out that they are still in business and they have samples of the old design.
Original seat upholstery
A restored Coca-Cola sign on one of the buildings downtown
An entrance mosaic to Nutmeg Conservatory, which trains ballet dancers
Five Points Gallery, a local showcase of contemporary art (@fivepointsgalleryct)
A sculpture by Joseph Fucigna
Nole Key, a contemporary art, poetry, and music venue (@NoelkeGallery)
COCOA project space is part a studio by artist Peter Cusack and a space for his publication Cornwall Contemporary Art (@cocoaprojectspace)
Artist Peter Cusack
At Coins & Collectables, a most full collection of records and vintage finds

Getting to Torrington, CT

Bus: 4h total (Greyhound or Peter Pan)
Train: 5h total (from Grand Central)
Explore all routes on rometorio.com

Thanks for reading! If you like street exploration, consider browsing my photo journals about city details.

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