A New Indie Magazine from Japan Exploring the Culture of Craft

Recently, I picked up a copy of Subsequence, a new semi-annual magazine exploring the deep culture of craft and quality-made goods. Set in Japanese and English, it takes a fresh visual look at the overlooked craftsmen and makers around the globe.

The magazine is designed and printed in large format (10×14.5″)
Instead of putting the English and Japanese versions side by side, each language gets its own spread and design where necessary
Table of contents of volume two of the magazine titled “The Unforgettable Issue”
Part of the magazine is designed to be enjoyed in landscape orientation – with beautiful full-page photographs, like this feature of a mid-century designed apartment in California
A spread featuring an eclectic selection of great design and home objects from the 20th century

Subsequence Magazine, Vol. 2

164 pages
Limited run of 2,000 copies
Printed in Japan
Buy the issue: $60 at subsequence.tv

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