A Stroll in Manhattan on Easter Sunday

Easter day in New York City has long been associated with taking strolls up and down Fifth Avenue. I got inspired by old photos of New York on Easter as well as by the ever-sunny skies so I went for a long walk to see the crowds and visit some of my favorite places in lower Manhattan.

Nature-inspired window displays at Banana Republic literally spill out to the outside
An old window thermometer
A street photographer with the iconic Rolleiflex medium format film camera
I still find water towers one of the most charming details remaining from the old New York
I passed by the new Buck Mason menswear store on Fifth Avenue – featuring a stunning classic Porsche in front of the store
Beautifully curated vignettes at Buck Mason
A massive table at Buck Mason piled with curious design & art books
Did you know that Empire State windows are all painted red?
I love to stop by at Chelsea Flea Market to find something interesting, odd, or curious
Some New Yorkers just can’t wait long enough for Summer
Wanamaker Place on East 9th Street and Broadway is named after Wanamaker Department Store, once the largest of the kind. The building is still standing
Spring schedule at LA MAMA experimental theatre includes ‘Script in the Closet’ and ‘Swimming with Lesbians’
8 Bit Bites, a burger joint with a retro gaming console by every table
I never fail to find a whole stack of interesting design books at East Village Books. Just remember to take cash with you as they don’t accept cards

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