A Temple of Antiques in Kent, CT

Located in a spacious barn in the heart of Kent, CT (some 2 hours North of NYC), RT Facts Design & Antiques offers a very unique take on displaying antiques. The airy showroom masterfully mixes together rare, massive in size 19th and 20th century sculptures, decor and furniture and their own designs handmade locally in their workshop.

Monumental Fiberglass Bust of Diana (48 inches tall), $2,800
Terra Cotta “Wrestlers” after 3rd Century BCE Greek Sculpture, $18,000
Folding Library Ladder From the Bibliotheque National Paris Circa 1900, $1,275
A collection of mesh printed ceremonial screen masks

RT Facts Design & Antiques
8 Old Barn Rd, Kent, CT (Map)
Hours: Mon-Sat, 10 am to 5 pm, Closed Sundays
Website: rtfacts.com
Instagram: @rtfacts

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