Hair Stylist Alma G Doesn’t Let Anyone Else to Finish a Job

Everyone calls me a Christmas tree.

I start my day with a coffee and finish it with bourbon.

When I was a child, I used to tweeze my dad’s eyebrows.

I studied color at school.

When I started, I had no tools, so I made a couple myself.

I came here from Albania when I was seventeen. I came for the picket fence — the American dream.

Back home, fathers give their first name to their sons — but you have to earn it. Instead, my father gave me his first name, Guri (‘the rock’). I think, I earned it.

One day, one of my clients calls me and goes, “There’s someone outside in a limousine looking for you”.

When someone says, “You are special, and I would like to help.” I just say, “Oh, thanks”.

I teach only those stylists who love their craft more than I do.

After I start, I don’t let anyone else finish my job.

You can trick your skull with keratin hair extensions. It’s a little harder to trick what’s inside.

I love razors.

I have a massive collection of scissors but I only use two.

I can’t stand mess at my workplace.

Sooner or later, every professional comes up with little things that make their job a lot easier.

I ask my clients to come to my studio, even if they’re Steven Tyler.

I’ve owned this space for about fourteen years. I built it with my own hands.

I just came back from Turks and Caicos. I love to travel.

I’m supposed to give clients what they want, but normally I end it up with what’s best.

Some people forget that to have Kardashian hair one needs a Kardashian face.

I get texts from clients saying, ‘I fucking love my hair!’. But then one will text me saying, ‘You cut my hair too short’. That night I won’t go to sleep.

It’s not about business anymore, it’s just about my work and people.

It’s easy to have fun when you like music.

I like silence at home.

Of course I can tell if someone is walking with hair extensions.

Sometimes, I paint with nail polish.

There’s something wonderful about working with your hands.

I’m afraid, I am a perfectionist.

It’s hard to make a Christmas tree look tacky.

Alma G NYC
38 East 21st Street, New York

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