An Exciting Showcase of Hudson Valley Makers at Field + Supply

It’s been my yearly tradition to travel up to Kingston, NY in Fall for a yearly local maker’s market Field + Supply (October 7—9). This year, the market expanded considerably with more visitors than ever (with every parking spot along every nearby road and highway taken). With many more vendors the show felt sprawled and perhaps less sharply curated but still remains an exciting showcase for local makers and brands featuring bespoke clothing, furniture, homewares, and apothecary.

The show takes place every October at the Hutton Brickyards grounds 
Take Beer Glasses by Catskill Glassworks
Chair by SinCa, a studio based in Connecticut
Walnut desk by SinCa
Minimal wooden furniture by Heidemartin Design Studio
Ceramic side tables by Sarah Mijares Studio
Steel wire objects by Rodger Stevens
Fine metal cutlery by Erica Moody from Maine
A busy food area featuring smaller local food vendors
A number of bands play live throughout the days of the show
Vintage homewares by Luddite (Germantown, NY)
Artisanal chocolate by Noé no Omise
Curated curious antiques by Robert Vintage Home
One-of-a-kind clothings and bags made of vintage textiles by Thank You Have A Good Day
Furniture by LMW Studio
Elevated antique objects by Maison Bergogne

Field + Supply Market
Fall Market – October 7—9, 2022
Kingston, NY
Holiday Market – December 9—11, 2022
Charleston, SC

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