An Exciting Weekend in Allentown, PA Where Vintage Paper is King

One of my favorite short trips every April is to Allentown, PA – some 2 hours from NYC where one of the most curious antique shows takes place – Allentown Paper Show – focusing entirely on the paper as medium: from postcards, to rare magazines, travel posters, advertising labels, and everything in between. The show runs for 2 days – Saturday and Sunday and attracts thousands of paper lovers, including myself.

The show takes place in the large Allentown Fairgrounds
Allentown Paper Show opens at 9 am and the two large exhibition halls get busy right away
In the wake of pop-art during the 1960s, items such as “paper” dresses became all the rage. From the extremely rare, 1st edition line of Poster Dress in London, this Eye dress is created by Harry Gordon.
A full run of Aspen magazine, a rare innovative art & culture publication, including this issue signed by Andy Warhol – is available for $12,500
There are many items at the show that go beyond the paper format – like this creepy antique wax head with real mustache and glass eyes.
Some of my pick ups from the show – including scarce product catalogs, early 20th century maps of New York City, and a rare Fortune issue

Allentown Paper Show
SPRING SHOW: April 27-28, 2024
FALL SHOW: October 5-6, 2024
302 N 17th St, Allentown, PA
Hours: 9 am to 5 pm
Admission $10 at the door

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