Around the World with a Camera

This a large hardcover book packed full of monochrome photos and information on happenings all over the world.

Dont’s take my word for it. Here’s an original review of the book by renowned photographer George Gardner Rockwood:

I have looked over the advance copy of your beautiful new book ‘Around The World With A Camera’ and as one of the oldest photographers in the country I desire to express my great appreciation of this superb volume. The publication is unique. I have never seen anything like it before, embracing as it does, photographs of persons and events of world wide interest. Every lover of photography, every amateur and professional artist with the camera, will feel a special interest in this magnificent book. It is invaluable for it gives us a history in pictures that have been taken with unerring accuracy by the infallible camera. They present actualities as they exist accurately and without distortion. The camera never lies. In this beautiful volume you show the best work of many of the leading photographers, amateur and professional, and do it so handsomely and effectively that it challenges admiration. I desire to compliment you most heartily on what I regard as the most notable book of photographic reproductions ever issued in this country, the consummation of my early dreams and prophesies as to the possibility of my art.

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