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Finally, an In-Depth Study of Mid Century Furniture Design

I’ve probably flipped through a hundred books focusing in different aspects of mid century furniture and interior design. Each focused

A Rare 1940s Book Celebrating Fashion Trade of New York City

Most New Yorkers are familiar with the legendary world’s fairs of 1939 and 1964, but who remembers the New York

A Look Inside Rare 1948 Book Entirely Drawn and Written by Salvador Dali

In this rare and important 1948 volume, painter Salvador Dalí expresses (in his inimitably eccentric fashion) his ideas of what

A Stunning Showcase of the Most Refined Antique Dealers of Paris

In this fascinating book leading French expert on decorative arts Jean-Louis Gaillemin recounts the history of antiques starting with how

The Mastery of Photography by Henri Cartier-Bresson

A book examining one of the greatest street photographers of all time

What Does Library of Congress Hold Exactly? A Book That Explains It

Books only make a quarter of the library’s massive 76-million-item collection

A Look at 1953 Flair Annual, an Exquisite Showcase of an Iconic Fashion Magazine

Published for one year only in the 1950s, Flair magazine has become a sort of an icon. Edited by Fleur

A Rare 1996 Vitra Catalog Featuring 100 Most Important Chairs From Its Collection

In the Summer of 1996, Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein (Germany) set up an ambitious exhibition that presented

A Secret Look at Leningrad Street Views Through a Rare 1950s Soviet Photo Book

During one of my recent book scavenges, I’ve come across a fascinating photo book published in the USSR in 1957,