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The Art of Furniture Making, in the Heart of Detroit

During my recent trip to Detroit, I couldn’t stop hearing about a local craftsman Alan Kaniarz, who’s been running a

A Beer Library in Detroit

At 8 Degrees Plato beer shop in Detroit, beer is learning. Tediously collected from local breweries and from around the

Signal Return, Community Letterpress Shop in Detroit

If you’re interested in learning the basics and the details of letterpress printing, Signal-Return in Detroit should be on your

Ocelot Print Shop, A Silkscreen Lab for Local Creatives in Detroit

Print shops are the creative glue of the creator communities in every town and neighborhood. One of community silkscreen print

Heidelberg Project, A Protest City inside Detroit

In 1986, when artist Tyree Guyton returned to his home around Heidelberg Street, he was astonished at how the surrounding

At Shinola HQ in Detroit, it’s About Heritage

Created in Detroit in 2011, Shinola has grown into one of the most well-known heritage American brands with their refined

A New Streetwear Brand, Crafted in Detroit

With a soft rebirth of Detroit as a creative city, mode and more makers, designers and entrepreneurs set to create

Inside the Secret Lab Where Henry Ford Created Model T

We’ve all heard about Henry Ford’s sharp ability to innovate and mainstream production — his Model T once changed the

TAIT Studio in Detroit Wants Us All to Play

Founded in 2013 in Detroit, TAIT studio of Matthew Tait and Audrey Elkus set goal to make thoughtful and timeless toys


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