Inside Craft


I caught up with illustrator Wendy MacNaughton in her studio overlooking the San Francisco Bay to recap on drawn journalism, her creative choices and passions, and cats. Infinitely observant, her illustrations are a manifestation of reflective humanism and an insatiably curious mind.

Paolo Calvento is a concierge at the Bowery Hotel in Lower East Side, New York. I took some of his time to talk about Wes Anderson, peculiar guest requests and his numerous but modest tattoos.

A night table talk with Ji Rook Kim, founder of Unspace. A Japanese-influenced Korean-American architect, he takes apart german cars, designs top-notch restaurants and retail stores in Manhattan and keeps close to nature and sound.

A morning talk with Markus Dorfmann at Baker and Co. — his latest gastronomic creation. Markus told us how drumming helped him get into the restaurant business, why he aligns tables in the mornings and how to please West-Villagers.