Category: Inside Craft

Designer Danielle Trofe Makes Lamps Out of Mushrooms

I grow lampshades out of mushrooms. I moved to New York for an unpaid internship with two pieces of luggage.

Professor Nicole Koltick Looks at the Future of Design

I’m more interested in posing problems, not solving them. To reimagine the future, one must go beyond the known disciplines.

Furniture Designer Marcel Wanders Will Not Settle for Anything

Right now, I’m homeless.

I’m not an introvert, but I’m not an extrovert either.

Balance is always a good idea.

The New Yorker Copy Editor Mary Norris Never Misses a Comma

It seems crazy to spend over a hundred dollars on a pencil sharpener. This dictionary has a whole list of proofreader’s marks.

Designer Nicholas Felton Tells Stories Through Data

Information design helps to spark genuine curiosity about most mundane matters. I simply couldn’t let a year pass. That’s how I started

Graphic Journalist Wendy MacNaughton Wants to be Heard

My work is an excuse to talk to people that otherwise I might not talk to. I don’t call myself

Designer Stefan Sagmeister Believes in Beauty

I stopped by for a quick chat with designer Stefan Sagmeister at his New York City apartment to get a

Hotel Concierge Paolo Calvento Wants to be Disturbed

I love cheap Deli coffee.

No, Paolo is not a stage name.

Before, I was a concierge at a Midtown hotel, mostly dealing with tourists. And then I discovered the Bowery. 

Architect Ji Rook Kim Thinks Less is More

I get up quite early, but only start getting into designer’s mood by 3 pm, spending 2–3 hours a day on pure creativity.

I love coffee, but I drink tea.

At Columbia University we knew what was hot and trendy. I knew what to do. I was very proud of my projects. Then I went to Japan, and my confidence went to zero.