Designer Danielle Trofe Makes Lamps Out of Mushrooms

I grow lampshades out of mushrooms.

I moved to New York for an unpaid internship with two pieces of luggage.

I used to be a bartender for almost 7 years. Bartending is one of the best ways to meet new people.

My lampshade takes 10 days to grow.

The greatest challenge about my work is challenging myself to put out something completely new.

Who wouldn’t want to make their business environmentally sustainable?

I just finished my degree in biomimicry.

At the end of its life, my lampshade can safely return to the earth.

To really understand the process you must immerse yourself in it.

It is designers and manufacturers who should set precedence for the circular economy.

I don’t wake up early and I don’t stay up late — 8 hours of sleep is all I need.

I try to deeply align my personal life with my professional life and it’s always a practice.

Right now I’m reading “Active Matter” by Skylar Tibbits and “Women who Run with the Wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estés.

It’s inspiring to see women reclaiming their feminine qualities and finding the power in them.

You may often find me at Yoga Tribe in Lefferts Garden.

Isn’t winter a perfect time to look inward?

It’s inspiring to see companies take risks and support up-and-coming designers. My opportunity came from 1 Hotels — we actually got an award for the project.

Who would I like to walk into the room right now? That would be Neil deGrasse Tyson.

My favorite designer is David Trubridge. I’m kind of in love with his life — check out his book “So Far”.

I’d love to travel more.

For designers, it’s very important to find ways to reawaken priorities.

In a place like New York, there comes a moment where you feel you’re sinking underwater and it’s really hard to see the surface — until you get out on a trip.

If every day you could pick a different route to drive home, your mind will change.

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