Designer Nicholas Felton Tells Stories Through Data

Information design helps to spark genuine curiosity about most mundane matters.

I simply couldn’t let a year pass. That’s how I started my yearly reports.

Sometimes I drive letterpress people crazy.

It’s pretty monastic here at the studio, just my headphones and me.

The data I collect makes me think more about how I spend my time.

With all the wearable technology today, there’s almost nothing new left to capture.

It’s very normal for me to say yes to a stranger.

Don’t mind the rock band practicing next door.

Sometimes, I’ll fly across the world and hope that someone will be there to meet me.

These days, one has to work harder to tell the architecture of South America from that of Queens.

I think most people are terrified of the L train.

There’s something superior about the old part of Barcelona.

Tracking what you eat is the worst. It’s either too effortful or largely inaccurate.

I wish tracking finished books was as easy as looking into played music.

I used to be a night owl.

As it gets warmer, I switch my espressos to iced coffees.

Last year, I drank eighty-three thousand milligrams of coffee.

I designed an app that buzzes at random times and asks me what I’m doing. It also captures samples of sound level, temperature, and recent physical activity.

The loudest place I’ve ever been to? A club named “The Tube”. That’s in Bucharest.

Data should tell stories.

Nicholas Felton
Data designer
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