Professor Nicole Koltick Looks at the Future of Design

I’m more interested in posing problems, not solving them.

To reimagine the future, one must go beyond the known disciplines.

Design can enhance our lives in some beautiful and poetic ways.

I have an emotional attachment to the whole world.

My first degree is in art, second — in architecture. Now I’m pursuing my philosophy degree.

I wonder, how design aesthetics will change tomorrow.

We’re working on a new species of robots. Nothing harmful, they are just gardening crystals.

Out of a large amount of design speculation work happening these days only a fraction ends up as a physical product.

The future of design is in artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, neuroscience, and new material science.

It’s the sense-making and storytelling that are the core of our design research.

What happens when we go beyond the known methods of communication of words and images?

Smell is a wonderful sense to work with. Scents are closely tied to emotion and memory.

Robots should have their own language.

We have to go outside of the human lens to think about the future of robotics.

One day, physical and digital will merge.

Who said robots should look like robots?

Nicole Koltick
Director of the Design Futures Lab at Drexel University
Twitter: @nicole_koltick

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