Hotel Concierge Paolo Calvento Wants to be Disturbed

I love cheap Deli coffee.

No, Paolo is not a stage name.

Before, I was a concierge at a Midtown hotel, mostly dealing with tourists. And then I discovered the Bowery. 

The Bowery opened on Valentine’s Day eight years ago, and February has been very hectic here ever since.

I’m familiar with all types of work schedules.

Every time I think I’ve heard the most peculiar request in my life, the universe proves otherwise.

I can arrange you a cheeseburger at 3 in the morning.

Part of being a concierge is knowing what’s going on in the city.

We know most of our guests and they know us. Quite a harmony.

Broadway tickets, massages, parking services, a haircut — anything one might desire.

I am a little bit lucky — I don’t have to wear a uniform.

Of course, I love the “Grand Budapest Hotel”.

Sometimes, you get to feel you are appreciated.

Midtown and Downtown requests are different.

Getting a text message from a guest — priceless.

Paolo Calvento
Concierge at the Bowery Hotel
Twitter: @boweryhotelnyc | Website:

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