East Village Scene on a Saturday

As New Yorkers get more and more exhausted with staying indoors, the streets start to fill up again. I took a walk through East Village to see what’s going on.

At St Marks Place, pedestrians reclaimed the streets
Having recently watched “Nomadland”, now I sense a nomad soul in every van I see on the street
I don’t know how I’ve missed East Village Books before, but this cash-only purely New York-style vintage bookstore is a must visit
The narrowest space is filled with all kinds of books but I was especially impressed by the art and design collection

Could not miss and opportunity to pick a few books myself:

Meanwhile at Tompkins Square Park, it was a delight/shock/confusion to see hundreds of people publicly having a good time

Live from the Park

Every party had a variety of refreshments
I’m happy to see live music by local artists Pinc Louds (@pinclouds), Ayla (@ayla.hugs), and Dirty Circuit (@dirty_circuit)

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