For Travel Ephemera Lovers, This Paper Show in Connecticut is Heaven

I love collecting vintage maps, travel posters, travel guides and ephemera. To be honest, I’ve collected a bit too much so far. It’s no excuse to skip another travel ephemera fair though. This one is organized by Ephemera Society of America, takes place in Greenwich, CT and gathers together 75 fine paper dealers from around the country. The show focuses on travel print material: trade cards, travel posters, large scale city maps, travel guides, and more.

Ephemera Fair takes place at Hyatt Regency Greenwich, a hotel build on site of once mighty Conde Nast Press facility – that used to print millions of magazines every month
A 1902 visual travel handbook about traveling on the Hudson River
Echo, a rare 1960s magazine where each page could be played on a turntable
A rare plan from Normandie ocean liner showing the first class deck
A rare 1800s visual book of yachting costumes and fashions
A set of hand-painted gouache illustrations of French furniture from 1900

Ephemera Fair
March 18—19, 2023
Hyatt Regency Greenwich
Tickets: $10 on Eventbrite

CLICK to view 2023 exhibitors

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