Ithaca, NY All to Myself

I love coming back to Ithaca, NY. It’s a city where nature, people, and architecture can get on together. In a sense, it’s a model city with lots of outdoor areas and hike paths where all kinds of interesting and open-minded people can live, think, and work together.

As an introvert walker, I did not mind having the streets all to myself
Ithaca is full of public art — you’ll see electric boxes like this all over the city
A Subaru parked outside of every home? You’re definitely in Ithaca
The coziest bench on the block
Argos Inn, a charming boutique hotel with drinks served in the outdoor garden Wednesday to Saturday
Printing press, a minimal and chic shared office space and event venue
Cascadilla Gorge Trail, a beautiful path with the views of the waterfall
A funny logo design for Ithaca’s carshare company
Yoga in the park
Greenstar Food Coop is a wonderful cooperative-owned market of food, organic and local
While most of the shops in Ithaca are on snooze because of the pandemic, a new bookshop, Odyssey Bookstore, opened downtown
At Odyssey Bookstore, you’ll find a thoughtful curation of new fiction and non-fiction
Some of the highlights at the bookstore by the famous alumni from Cornell
Puddledockers, an easy space to rent a kayak or a canoe for an exploration of Cayuga Lake. It takes around 25 minutes to reach the lake’s mouth from here
At Puddledockers, you don’t need prior experience and you’ll be given a full safety instruction
The route towards Cayuga Lake and the different stops you can make on the way
South Hill Cider, a best-kept secret — a modern cidery with stunning views and refined dry ciders. Ask for “Farmhouse” cider, one of my favorites
A fairytale, all to yourself
A sunset at Cornell University, one of the many reasons to keep coming back to Ithaca

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