Inside Largest Poster Museum in the World

My most cherished discoveries happen in the places I have passed a million times, distracted with thoughts and with no intention of learning anything new. When they happen, and they do, every so often, I’m the happiest man. This is how I bumped into Philip Williams Posters down in Tribeca, unwarned and immediately stunned. Amid thousands of posters, large and small on war propaganda, civil rights, whiskey, and films I see immense historical significance, or as Mr. Williams puts it “art in a time capsule”. There’s material for years of design research on typography, illustration styles, color palettes, and printing. It’s also a crash course in communication design, for posters are the ultimate embodiment of clarity and brevity, a decisive piece of inspiration and social change. I stopped by for a short tour and chat with the founder.

 Founder Philip Williams has been in poster business for 45 years
 Archives of Life magazine
Posters are stored and shipped in tubes
A poster for The National Theatre of the Deaf
Posters from Germany, France, and Poland
All posters are mounted on canvas before they are ready for shipping
Some posters are restored at the studio

Philip Williams Posters
Open daily 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., closed on Sundays

122 Chambers St., Manhattan
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