ICFF 2023: A Phantasmagoria of Design

For the 2023 installment of New York’s International Furniture Fair, the event scaled down a bit and moved to the lower level at the Javits Convention Center — misplaced by a much larger Lightfair taking place in the main hall. Regardless, ICFF remains New York’s largest furniture fair, and together with WantedDesign it’s a single most important gathering of furniture makers and interior design brands from around the world to showcase their goods and explore the American market.

With fewer big brands showing, it’s refreshing to discover new and emerging designers and learn about their inspiration and directions. The common themes throughout the show are craftsmanship, environment, and expressionism.

Pendant by Pablo
Chair by Woud
TABL side table by Woud
Benches by Kristina Dam Studio
City-inspired chair by Theodore Galante
Quirky chair by Joey Zeledon
Minimal Arc lights by True Bend Studio
Organic furniture by Narciso Marengo Studio
Unique hammers by Tools for Everyday Life
The Portals, wall sculptures, by Simon Johns
Brutalist-inspired lamp by Willchoui
Minimal lighting by Darmes, from Canada
Tiles by Tomma Bloom
Rondo Mirror by Zieta Collection
Outdoor chairs by Houe
Portable fireplace by Le Feu
Miyazaki Chair Factory from Japan
Peineta chair by Mexico-based brand Album

May 21—23, 2023
Javits Center (Midtown Manhattan)

Feature Brands

  1. Pablo pablodesigns.com / @pablodesignssf
  2. Woud woodfurniture.com / @wood_furniture_com
  3. Kristina Dam Studio kristinadam.dk / @kristinadamstudio
  4. Theodore Galante urbanfabricseries.com / @galantearchitecture
  5. Joey Zeledon joeyzeledon.com / @joey.zeledon
  6. True Bend Studio truebendstudio.com / @true.bend.studio
  7. Narciso Marengo Studio narcisomarengo.com /
  8. Tools for Everyday Life toolsforeverydaylife.org / @tooltales
  9. Daniel Shapiro helloshapiro.com / @helloshapiro
  10. Wren+Cooper wrenandcooper.com /
  11. Simon Johns simonjohns.com / @simonjohnsdesign
  12. Willchoui willchoui.com / @willchoui
  13. Darmes darmes.ca / @studio_darmes
  14. Dumais Made dumaismade.com / @dumais_made
  15. Tomma Bloom tommabloom.com /
  16. Zieta Collection zieta.pl / @zieta_studio
  17. House houe.com /
  18. Le Feu lefeufires.us / @lefeubio
  19. Le Klint leklint.com / @le_klint_lighting
  20. Miyazaki Chair Factory miyazakichair.com /
  21. Album albumgoods.com / @albumgoods

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