Refined Tastes at An Upstate Antique Show

On a recent foggy Saturday a long line of cars zigzagged outside of Stone Ridge Orchard in Upstate New York, a few miles South of Kingston. Along with picking apples and having a glass of fresh cider, the main destination was Upstate Vintage Antique Show. Held yearly, the event gathers some of the most imaginative and refined curators and tastemakers.

As the parking was overfilling with visitors from all over, a line of cars formed outside
Upstate Vintage Antique Show set up in the airy field in the back of the orchard

Misto, a popup food project mixing Brazilian and Ukranian cuisines
One of the dozens of happy puppers enjoying their day out
The Falls, a boutique offering reworked garments with detailed embroidery


October 23 – Stone Ridge Orchard
November 13-14 – Brooklyn (Williamsburg)
December 11-12, 2021 – Kingston, NY

Instagram: @upstatevintageantiqueshow