Walk Through Refinery 29’s Massive Immersive Warehouse in Brooklyn

Lifestyle blog Refinery29’s flagship event pops up in a large warehouse in Gowanus, Brooklyn for four full days of meticulously crafted immersive spaces — each created by an artist or a creative visionary. Walking through interactive installations, performances, and activities, the visitor is invited to break from daily routine and get to see the new and latest from immersive storytelling. I couldn’t miss a chance to see the installations before the general public.

There are in fact 29 rooms to explore — see the map of the experiences. Bathrooms and the snack yard are outside (and not quite as air-conditioned as the rest of the space)
The Values Stand in NYC collaboration with Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment
Explore the lab and grab a sample of the Dr.Jart+ Ceramidin moisturizing cream as you experience the brand powered by science, inspired by art
The Full Picture in collaboration with Shatterbox and TNT. Shatterbox is a new series by Refinery29 with TNT that empowers female storytellers both in front and behind the camera to show us how they see the world
The Moxy Playhouse in partnership with Moxy Hotels
Money Mantras in collaboration with R29 Money Diaries
Entry into You Are Magic room in collaboration with The Hoodwitch

Mantras plying at You Are Magic room by The Hoodwich:

Explore the secret life of lipstick and be transported into the rich stories of three iconic lipstick shades by Revlon
No Photoshop tricks in this photo

29Rooms New York
September 6—9
September 13—16
588 Baltic St., Brooklyn (View in map)

Ticketed 3-hour sessions at 11 a.m., 3 p.m., and 7 p.m.
Within each session, you’ll be free to walk into any room and engage with any experience.
Be sure to arrive 15 minutes before the session starts for smooth check-in
Tickets: $45+ per session


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