You’ll Find the Coolest Record Stores in the Oddest of Places

When I was passing by Stanfordville, NY on my way to Hudson in Upstate New York I saw a sign that said “Not Donuts, Records” and of course I was intrigued. I pulled over, and it turned out to be a record shop — but not the kind you would expect. Impeccably curated by owner Jared Rosenberg, the store is a true treasure trove for a record collector. You won’t find uninteresting fluff like in many record stores but you will find a ton of quality albums: from the classics like Pink Floyd, Miles Davis, and Frank Sinatra to rare and scarce Japanese pressings as well as obscure and curious world music.

It’s easy to miss the entrance on the side of the building
Not Donuts Records also features interesting books, objects d’art, ceramics, and vintage audio equipment
Most records were lovingly collected by Jared himself, and most went though careful grading, vacuum cleaning, and re-sleeving. Some records have hand-written notes and listening suggestions.
You’re welcome to set up a listening session to hear any of the speakers, amps, and turntables at the store

Not Donuts Records
6063 NY-82 side entrance, Stanfordville, NY 12581 (MAP)
Hours: Sat-Sun, 11 am to 6 pm. Closed Weekdays

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